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Best beach day accessories for adventure-loving families

Best beach day accessories for adventure-loving families

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For so many families, a day out at the beach is one of the best things you can do. Images of salty skin, pristine white sand, beautiful blue waves crashing into themselves and of course, copious amounts of ice cream come to mind.

But, when you're sitting out in the sun, you don't want to be caught with a sandy sandwich, or worse, a bored child. So, when your next beach day is around the corner, be sure to pack these accessories for an endlessly entertaining and enjoyable day out.

Fun-filled accessories

Sliding down sand dunes, surfing big waves or enjoying a game of beach cricket is great fun, but if you're wanting to amp up the excitement, then bringing a few of your favourite inflatable toys is the way to go.

If you want to get a little further out into that beautiful water, an inflatable kayak is a sure-fire way to fulfill your adventurous appetite. This will have you surveying the seas, and paddling around in search of ocean creatures all day long.

For the fun-loving family, having the ability to explore is an absolute must, and what better way to do this than to pack some snorkels? While Mum and Dad are surveying the seas from the height of their kayak, the kids can assess below the surface and find all the creatures and crustaceans the beach has to offer.

Finally, a non-negotiable for some unbeatable fun in the sun is the unmatched combination of boogie and surfboards. Start the day off with a boogie board competition with your brothers and sisters to see who can beat who, and most importantly, who can catch the biggest wave.

And, for the bigger kids, grab your surfboard and surf the day away, before you know it, it'll be time to get going, after all, time flies when you're having fun, and with these accessories, you're sure to have a lot of it.

Beach tent

For the family that loves adventure, one thing is for certain, you're going to be setting up for the entire day. So, to ensure that you soak up that sun, but not so much you get sick, a beach tent is non-negotiable.

This will keep the entire cohort shaded, and most importantly, your snacks sand-free. A day out on the beach needs to have adequate shelter to keep you safe and comfortable, and stop you from packing up early to get away from the harsh rays.

Plus, for families with smaller children, a beach tent can act as a location for a mid-afternoon nap, so that you can keep going until the sun goes down.

The carry-all

For the family that is ready for a thrilling day of water racing and sand dune sprints, you know that light packing is not an option. You need to be ready for a day of surfing, snacking, and sitting in the sun, and you truly never know what a day at the beach could throw at you.

To ensure that you stay safe and protected, copious amounts of sunscreen need to be with you, as well as sustenance to sustain the troops, otherwise known as the kids, as well as all of the beach day comforts like a beach tent and umbrella, chairs, towels, lots and lots of hydration and of course, your adventurous accessories.

So, how do you carry all of this without needing to do multiple trips to and from the car? The answer is the carry-all tote. Today, many beach bags have been designed to be bigger, and better with ample nooks and crannies to safely store all your essentials.

But fear not, you no longer have to sacrifice fashion for function, beach bags these days come in an array of funky colours and prints, so you'll be the coolest collective on the water.

Another must-have for a long day out is the portable esky. Though storing your food simply in your bag might be the perfect fit if you're simply going out for the afternoon, a long day out requires ample snacks and plenty of hydration, a family who loves adventure needn't sacrifice their safety.

So, with an esky at the beach, you'll be able to keep your fluids up and enjoy fresh-tasting food, straight from the cool utopia that houses all the treats your heart desires.

Everybody loves a beach day, regardless of whether you're a laydown and relax type, or a get-up and go kind.

However, if your family falls into the latter category then preparation is key, so make sure that you grab your fun-filled inflatable additions, be sure to pack that SPF 50+, and remember to stay hydrated.

With these beach day essentials, you'll be out until the sun goes down and ready to be back again the next morning.