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Easter show.

Easter show.

WE held our meeting this month in our original meeting place - the Pleasant Hills Hall. Four of our members attended the Group International Day, held in Coolamon, and reported that they had learnt a lot about some of the customs of the Country of Study, Poland. 

There were two speakers, and for our member, Marie Solyk, it was a trip down memory lane when they were discussing the traditional weddings, as her parents were Polish, and she had had a traditional Polish wedding.

It was an enjoyable, informative day. 

Wendy de Luca, who was a very popular guest speaker last year on Nepal has reported back that money that had been given to her for the Sindhuli Education Fund in Nepal, has helped in setting up a school and hospital in one of the poorest regions in Nepal.

We supply morning tea after our local Anzac Day Service, so members were reminded to send food if unable to attend with friends, this year being officially 100 years since the end of the WWI.

Lyn Jacobsen gave a report on the CWA Easter Show. 

She was a committee member and worked the first half of the show. It was an interesting experience seeing the long queue as the doors opened at 9.30am, and then the huge rush to get scones. 

In fact, on Good Friday they broke their record for the number of scones cooked that day – 5124, with 48,550 made over the 12 days of the show.   

CWA sell all the usual things food outlets sell as well as scones, and this year won the Bronze Award for the “Catering Outlet Above 7 Metres”.

This is the biggest fundraiser for the CWA each year, and money is directed to many areas – already $50,000 was made available from the Disaster Fund, starting an appeal for the Tathra Fire Victims.

Resolutions for the coming State Conference were discussed, and the branch decided they would like to vote for the health project to be Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (a form of children’s brain cancer).

Cakes were brought in for Hilltop Carer’s Accommodation. Land Cookery for the next meeting will be a sultana cake.

Our next meeting will be held at The Commercial Club at 10.30am on May 9.