Osborne footy club circulates on social media

A footy ground without a town is on the map was the most-read story on the Eastern Riverina Chronicle website in 2017.

A COMMUNITY sense of pride has allowed the Osborne footy club to earn kudos on social media for all of the right reasons.

This club nestled in the Eastern Riverina near Lockhart in southern NSW can be found in the middle of farming land.

In fact, locals laugh that it is a footy club without a town. But it’s a footy club that has earned the respect of many.

It has produced top players, multiple premiership sides, and is considered a top training ground to encourage young people in football and netball.

On a tree, on the side of the road, there is an honour roll of achievements. Every year, since 1981 (except 2010) the club has had either a premiership football or netball team to support. 

Locals know the ground looks good. But when a photo taken by Jason Gooden was circulated on social media recently even those at the club were surprised and heartened by the reaction. 

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