Lockhart mayor, Rodger Schirmer's report, August 8, 2017

WELL, as I sit and write this report it’s cold and showery outside and although it’s good for the crops, I have been cold for two months now and wouldn't mind seeing sunshine for just a while.

As you read this, our General Manager is taking leave with his family and visiting Kythira, the Island in Greece from where his family forbears lived before moving to Australia. I trust they have a wonderful trip.

The end of the financial year has meant a great deal of work for staff and it seems that State Government compliance requirements means an ever-increasing work load for them as we go forward.  The works program going forward is a little behind schedule but considering the amount of work completed this year I'm not surprised. On that note, the walking/cycling track from The Rock township to The Rock Nature Reserve is nearly complete and will add to the attraction The Rock Reserve provides.

Also, a young footballer, Luke Mazzocchi, from The Rock has been selected to play for NSW in the Australian Football Championships in Darwin in August. Council is providing some financial support due to his state selection. Well done Luke. Council has undertaken several policy reviews of late, one of which is the "355" committee reviews. A new policy will go on display for 28 days and sets out the guidelines under which these committees operate. Council is also appointing a Compliance Officer who will have the power to issue infringement notices in instances where owners of properties that are not managed in a safe or healthy state can be required to do so. This has been instigated due to a large number of complaints by residents who live near these addresses and whose daily lives are impacted by the poor condition structurally or an accumulation of rubbish which has or may attract vermin at these addresses.

Complimenting this healthy environment, council has decided to provide soap dispensers and hand towels in all public toilets throughout the shire not already equipped with blower dryers. 

On June 23, four councillors and their wives visited the Pleasant Hills Community Hotel for a social visit and to be available to local residents should they have any questions or problems it was also an opportunity for residents to put a face to their councillors. Great fish and chips and a great night - thanks Pleasant Hills!