The water tower in Lockhart is set to be painted with a mural

FUNDING has been granted to paint a mural on the water tower at Lockhart in southern NSW. 

‘Water Above All’ is a town project aims to produce a large-scale mural on the tower that can be seen on the town’s skyline.

PRIDE OF PLACE: Lockhart's water tower will be painted with a mural.

PRIDE OF PLACE: Lockhart's water tower will be painted with a mural.

Lockhart Shire Council Tourism and Economic Development Officer Jennifer Connor said the concept of a waterfall flowing down the Lockhart water tower, edged by gum trees and featuring local native fauna and flora, had resonated with the community. 

“Riverina Water County Council (RWCC), who own the tower, have been very supportive of the project,” she said.

“Their main requirement being that the mural retain a water theme,” Mrs Connor said.  

“By creating a water oasis in Lockhart, a town without a natural permanent water source and in an area so dependent on water for farming, the mural will celebrate a very vital resource whilst positively adding to the town’s cultural and social fabric,” she said. 

Mrs Connor said the growing trend of artwork on water towers and silos, including silo art trail, across Australia has proven successful in raising the profiles of rural towns and in attracting a greater number of visitors into the regions. 

She said the Water Above All project had the potential to be one of the most significant pieces of public art in the shire and the southern NSW region.