Virtues of living in regional areas talked-up in Country Change program

ROAD TO SUCCESS: The main street of Lockhart in southern NSW.
ROAD TO SUCCESS: The main street of Lockhart in southern NSW.

WE have heard the saying that life can be slow in the country. But is this true?

Is it in fact faster? A mortgage for example may be a quarter of the price in a regional area when compared to a relative property in one of the major cities. In Lockhart the median house price is $160,000. 

And doing business can be a lot quicker and easier. Maybe living in the bush is a ticket to the fast lane to success but with all of the benefits of an excellent lifestyle. 

In recent times we have heard more about tree changes. And tree changes are not necessarily just for retirees. Young people and families have an abundance of opportunities to thrive, enjoy an education, grow up in a community environment and participate in local events. 

Avoiding the stress and congestion of crowded roads and overstretched public transport systems can actually make you more relaxed, better at your job and arguably very efficient.

There is no reason why you can’t live in a regional area and also be at the top of your field in a chosen profession. 

Doing business in the bush can be advantageous. And calling into shops, where the people know you by name and care about how your day is going, is all part of keeping things running smoothly. 

Regional areas have a lot to offer. And the Riverina certainly has plenty of charm when it comes to luring people from the city to the country.

Living in the country is a lifestyle decision. With tools like internet messaging, skype and google hangouts who says you have to be based in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane?

Try living in Lockhart for example. And we know this is a location that works and works well. Cathy Cullen holds down a corporate role in Sydney but lives in southern NSW.

She is also the face of an online promotion instigated by the organisation known as Country Change. Her video has been seen on thousands of Facebook news feeds. For her perusing a career and living in a regional area was something that was worth talking up. 

And there is plenty to see in southern NSW too. In recent times Lockhart Shire has made headlines for a number of tourism initiatives. For example the township of The Rock which is just half an hour from the major Riverina city of Wagga has undergone a street beautification program. The look and feel of this town is something to be proud of.

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