Footy club broken into twice in three weeks

Michael Dore

Michael Dore

THE Billabong Crows Footy club at Victoria Park has been hit by vandals and thieves twice in three weeks.

The news comes as a blow for the popular Urana club which is run by volunteers and members of the local southern NSW community.

During the winter months the club is a hive of activity and hosts weekend footy matches, training and community gatherings.

Locals band together to make sure the canteen is well stocked and ready to feed spectators and supporters at the regular weekend events. 

Billabong Crows vice president, Michael Dore of Urana said the theft of canteen items was certainly a blow to the club and broader community. 

He said the thieves took alcohol, lollies and other food items. 

Mr Dore said the club survived on the goodwill of volunteers and people who gave their time to support it. 

“It’s a horrible idea to think someone had been breaking in there … it is nearly like your home,” he said. 

Mr Dore confirmed that nobody had been charged and it was not known for sure if the two incidences at the club were related.

However, he said the nature of the events was similar and he suspected it may have been related.

“I am guessing it is related,” he said. 

Mr Dore wouldn’t put a dollar figure on the amount taken when contacted by the Eastern Riverina Chronicle but he confirmed it was “a lot”.

He said it was a significant set back for the club. And the thefts occurred right in the midst of what was a busy footy season. 

Mr Dore also confirmed that the police had been contacted. 

”It is just so unfortunate to see, these things are set up for the community … it is not something you expect to happen,” he said. 

The Billabong Crows posted a pictured of the window which had been broken into – during the latest incident – on its Facebook page.