Your images of the winter hail storm | Photos

THE Rock and Lockhart were blanketed by what could be mistaken as snow after a hail storm hit the area.

On Sunday afternoon at about 3pm hail belted down at The Rock, Tootool, French Park, Bullenbong Milbrulong and Lockhart.

It sparked a spike of activity on social media with photos being shared on the local State Emergency Services (SES) Facebook page.

In fact, some people enjoyed the “white out” and took photos of what looked like snow.

The storm came after a day of intermittent rainfall which was welcomed by the region’s primary producers who experienced dry conditions in June and July. 

Lockhart Shire SES local control officer Tony McPhail spoke to the Eastern Riverina Chronicle and confirmed there was a call out to a house with a roof leak.

He said hail blocked the gutters of the Lockhart home and resulted in the roof leak. 

“This happened because the gutters were full of hail,” he said. 

Meanwhile, there was an endurance ride being held in the area too. However, there were no reports of incidences due to the hail storm.

Mr McPhail said despite the amount of hail on the roads there were no accidents from the region reported. 

“It was short lived … most of the photos we got were taken between The Rock and Milbrulong,” he said.