Robbie Mackinlay’s Hume Football League report, August 7, 2017

THE mystery and intrigue continues around just who may take the remaining spot in the Hume Football League after all four contenders were defeated.

A new contender has emerged with CDHBU continuing its wonderful finish to the season, while Holbrook has just about exhausted its slim hopes.

In a remarkable possibility five teams could finish level on seven wins if results over the final two rounds pan out.

At this point Giants and Holbrook have best percentage, with CDHBU very low and Howlong and Magpies a fair bit behind Giants and Brookers.

The race for the double chance is just as hot, with Jindera, Henty and Brock Burrum all set to make a big charge. Jindera plays Brock Burrum and Osborne away in last two rounds.


OSBORNE bounced back from its close shave the week before to defeat Brock Burrum in an epic encounter at Osborne.

The home side made it 16 straight wins in a 11-point victory, after they opened the game up in a big third quarter.

The Saints fought back hard in the final term with five goals, but Osborne with excellent accuracy held on in the season’s best game.

Jamie Parr was outstanding with four goals, while Trent Haddrill kept Justin Koschitzke to three goals in a great tussle.


LOCKHART kept its good form bubbling along, when it proved too strong for a disappointing Rand Walbundrie Walla at Walla.

The Giants let a golden chance to wrap up sixth place with a 12 point loss. It was only a six goal final term that saved them a bigger defeat.

Young Lockhart gun Jamieson Bouffler kicked four crucial goals as Jordan Harrington and Zachary Sheather dominated for the Demons.

Lockhart put the game away from the Giants with a six goal to nothing first term. Myles Aalbers kicked four goals for the Giants.


HENTY once again proved it will be a major force in this year’s finals series with a 72-point thrashing of Holbrook at Holbrook.

The Swampies got away to a flying start kicking five first quarter goals with former coach Josh Gaynor and Heath Ohlin leading the way.

Holbrook did not turn up to play putting in their worst effort for the year, just a week after a huge effort the week before against Osborne.

If Henty can defeat Osborne at home this week they will give themselves a huge shot at disposing Jindera out of second spot.


CULCAIRN ed by a six goal effort from Jon Robbins defeated a much improved Billabong Crows by 30 points at Culcairn.

The Lions, who will finish in fifth place, were once again best served by midfielders Jye Shields, Tim Hallinan and Adam Eady.

The Crows, who are yet to win a game this year, will fancy their chances at home this week against Holbrook.


JINDERA bounced back from its shock loss the previous week against CDHBU, by thrashing rivals Murray Magpies by 89 points at Jindera.

Dylan Pettingill with four goals and three each to normal defenders Tom Weldon and Mick Galvin set up the impressive performance.

The Magpies destiny to play finals is in their own hands with matches against fellow contenders Howlong and Giants.


CDHBU has kept alive its slim finals chances with a comfortable 35-point win over Howlong at Howlong.

Jeremy Stevenson was outstanding for the Power, as they kicked away after trailing at quarter time. Andy Ollington and Shannon Broadbent were also damaging.


  • Brock Burrum v Jindera (at Brock)
  • CDHBU v Rand Walb Walla
  • Henty v Osborne
  • Lockhart v Culcairn
  • Murray Magpies v Howlong
  • Billabong Crows v Holbrook (at Oaklands)


CDHBU 1.1 5.7 7.11 11.14 (80) Howlong 2.3 3.5 5.7 6.9 (45) GOALS: CDHBU: Jeremy Stevenson 2, Andrew Ollington 2, Russell Anderson 2, Michael Linklater 1, Shannon Broadbent 1, Matthew Ross 1, Steven Cordwell 1, Bradley Goyne 1; Howlong: Ryan Cannon 2, Scott Robinson 2, Tim Brook 2 BEST: CDHBU: Jeremy Stevenson, Shannon Broadbent, Andrew Ollington, Russell Anderson, Mathew Howard, Bradley Goyne; Howlong: Matthew McDonald, William McCormack, Tim Brook, Tyson Logie, Bradley Fyffe, Peter Hancock

Lockhart 6.2 10.4 12.5 14.8 (92) Rand-Walbundrie-Walla 0.3 4.5 6.7 12.8 (80) GOALS: Lockhart: Jamieson Bouffler 4, Wylie Harrington 2, Thomas Godde 2, Oscar Smyth 1, Zac Gallaway 1, Jake Phillips 1, Zachary Sheather 1, Simon Hounsell 1, Jamie Clough 1; Rand-Walbundrie-Walla: Myles Aalbers 4, Todd Miller 3, Nicholas Turner 2, Kris Milosta 1, Anthony Hartshorn 1, Blake Lieschke 1 BEST: Lockhart: Jordan Harrington, Zachary Sheather, Jamieson Bouffler, Jamie Clough, Blake Jones, Matthew Endresz; Rand-Walbundrie-Walla: Ryan Lavery, Justin Gordon

Culcairn 5.3 9.6 13.7 14.10 (94) Billabong Crows 3.1 6.1 8.1 10.4 (64) GOALS: Culcairn: John Robbins 6, Tim Hallinan 3, Nathaniel Stroh 2, Dane Hallinan 1, Jye Shields 1, Trent Perczyk 1; Billabong Crows: Michael O’Riordan 2, George Sandral 2, Darcy Collins 2, Samuel Herzich 2, Byron Habermann 1, Michael Hamilton 1 BEST: Culcairn: Jye Shields, Adam Eady, John Robbins, Nathaniel Stroh, Tim Hallinan, Lachlan Stoll; Billabong Crows: Michael O’Riordan, Michael Hamilton, Alastair Austin, Samuel Herzich, Darcy Collins, Matthew Gaynor

Henty 5.3 6.6 12.8 14.9 (93) Holbrook 1.0 2.3 3.3 3.3 (21) GOALS: Henty: Shannon Terlich 2, Dereck Singe 2, Anthony Pope 2, James Breen 2, Heath Ohlin 1, Tyson Muller 1, Dylan Hore 1, Samuel Terlich 1, Josh Gaynor 1, Brent Ohlin 1; Holbrook: Brad Carman 1, Ben Talarico 1, Aaron Baker 1 BEST: Henty: Josh Gaynor, James Breen, Heath Ohlin, Shannon Terlich, Rhett Thomson, Andrew Hill; Holbrook: Simon Turner, Brad Carman, Aaron Baker, Ben Talarico, Tyler Lampe, David Tassell

Jindera 5.1 11.6 13.8 19.14 (128) Murray Magpies 2.4 2.5 3.8 5.9 (39) GOALS: Jindera: Dylan Pettingill 4, Michael Galvin 3, Tom Weldon 3, Samuel Crawshaw 2, Jacob Millar 2, Sam Myors 2, Hayden Hamilton 2, Christopher Galvin 1; Murray Magpies: Joshua Senior 2, Oliver Brosolo 1, Daniel Maher 1, William McGrath 1 BEST: Jindera: Mitchell Lawrence, Jesse Harris, Tom Weldon, Nathan Chamings, Zach Gratton, Daniel Middleton; Murray Magpies: Joshua Senior, Adam Lawrence, Benjamin Clements, Shannon Gilson, Josh Maher, Daniel Maher

Osborne 3.1 5.2 9.3 13.3 (81) Brock/Burrum 2.2 4.4 5.7 10.10 (70) GOALS: Osborne: Jamie Parr 4, Andrew Johnston 3, Connor Galvin 2, Josh Griffin 1, George Alexander 1, Hayden Gleeson 1, Matt Guttler 1; Brock/Burrum Saints: Justin Koschitzke 3, Josh McCudden 2, Ron Boulton 2, Aaron Livermore 1, Jarrod Hillary 1, Kade Stevens 1 BEST: Osborne: Jamie Parr, Trent Haddrill, Martin Bahr, Izaac McDonnell, Robert Farrall, Andrew Clarke; Brock/ Burrum Saints: Thomas Webb, Joshua Koschitzke, Liam Johnson, Josh McCudden, Aidan Johnson, Nicholas Sedgwick