Lockhart mayor, Rodger Schirmer's report, May 15, 2017

COMING OUT: The Lockhart Deb Ball was a successful night for the shire, says Lockhart mayor Rodger Schirmer. Picture: Lorri Roden
COMING OUT: The Lockhart Deb Ball was a successful night for the shire, says Lockhart mayor Rodger Schirmer. Picture: Lorri Roden

IT WAS a busy April with the Lockhart Deb Ball being conducted very successfully with six beautiful young women making their debut. A wonderful evening to officially attend as mayor.

The same day the General Manager and I travelled to Sydney to the Country Mayors’ meeting where we met the new minister for Local Government. Let’s see how this minister fairs?

Five councillors attended a councillor training day in Wagga to improve our understanding of Local Government and how best we can serve the people of the shire. It was an extremely worthwhile day and very informative.  

The General Manager and I also attended and cooked a barbecue for all the outdoor staff as a thank you for the hard work put in over the summer completing road maintenance and major road upgrades throughout the shire as well as attending to numerous call outs at all hours during the very wet winter/spring last year. 

This barbecue was the brainchild of the engineer David Webb who praised all his crews highly for their effort.

The General Manager and I attended a special meeting of the Lockhart Progress Association which is doing it a little tough at the moment due to lack of members.

This association does a tremendous amount in the town and their list of improvements to our area is impressive indeed. Their AGM is from 5pm to 6pm on Tuesday, June 13.

I encourage all interested persons to attend. 

On May 12, council held a thank you barbecue for all volunteers in the Wal Alexander Park. 

Councillors provided volunteers with a thank you snag or rissole on bread and a drink to say thanks!

On another subject, namely DOGS, there have been quite a few reports to council of dogs roaming freely around town, leaving not so little deposits and urinating on things which they really shouldn't.

This is unacceptable and people must be responsible with their dogs or risk a fine or impoundment of those animals. 

Tractors and farm machinery are now starting to move on our shire roads as cropping is beginning to get into full swing.

Please be mindful that this equipment is often slow moving and very substantial so keep an eye out over this busy period.

We don't want any more accidents on our roads. 

In closing I hope that you are all well and keeping a vigilant eye out for those who are not. A hand extended in friendship can often make more difference than you know. Talk to you next month.