Henty Ladies Golf report, April 17, 2017

THE Henty ladies golf season has started at last and we welcome back Ellen Pratt and Carole Singe.

On April 6, five ladies played 18 holes and four ladies played nine holes.

Alison Campbell had a great round with a Nett 68.

Alison won the Monthly Medal.

On the first hole Alison birdied it, also a gobbler too.

She then went on to have 39 off the stick for the first nine holes.

But did not par the 18th.

NTP on the 7th Marilyn Broughan

Jane Yates won the nine-hole competition and also NTP on the 15th.


ON APRIL 13, four ladies played 18 holes.

The winner was Alison Campbell with a 71 nett.

Sandy Newton NTP on the 15th.

Three ladies played nine holes and the winner was Linda Coombes, welcome back Linda.

Out on the course Glenys Yates put "the devil" into nine Shags on the Bridge – they should not be there annoying and disturbing our concentration.

Ladies, if you only wont to play nine holes you start at 11am so that you will finish at the same time as the 18-holers.

If you would like to come and have a game with us you will be more than welcome.

Next Thursday is a stroke round and also the golf course improvement competition.

So see you all at 9am for a 9.30am hit off.