Murray CWA group holds handicrafts and cookery day at Gerogery

A DAY of food and needlework at Gerogery this week remembered a friend known for her ability in both.

The Murray CWA group handicrafts and cookery day included a tribute from the host branch to longtime member Marie Molkentin, who died last year.

Her final piece of craft work, which was a toy, sat on a table along with flowers and a photo while her husband Phillip attended as a special guest.

Gerogery branch secretary Gush Kipper said Mrs Molkentin had been a brilliant cook and seamstress.

“She was quite famous for it and she was very kind about sharing what she knew,” Mrs Kipper said.

Mrs Molkentin’s work was often selected for CWA state judging in Sydney and her 2016 ribbon embroidery featured among the top 10 items in NSW.

Tuesday’s Murray group day “felt a bit strange” without her.

“We were sad that she wasn’t there but it was lovely to have known her, to have been friends,” Mrs Kipper said.

About 40 people took part in the day, which included two guest speakers, lunch and the awarding of trophies.

Berrigan heart health educator Angela Peris gave a presentation while Rowan Chalmers-Borella spoke about the life of his late father Albert, who was awarded the Victoria Cross in World War I.

Jindera CWA member Kay Thomson took out champion exhibit with her gold embroidery, winning the Merle Childs Memorial Trophy.

This work and six other entries were selected for state judging at Sydney.

Table Top members Margaret Lynch and Judy Mead were recognised for their crochet baby shawl and jacket and stump work respectively.

The dressed doll, beaded and knitted, of Albury’s Janet Brookman received praise as did the red ribbon work of Jindera’s Helen Glachan.

Oaklands pair Lorraine Marcus (hardanger table centre) and Heather Kerr (machine-made shirt) also achieved success.

The branch competition of eight items went to Oaklands with 70 points, winning the Courabyra Trophy.

Jindera (69 points) and Albury Evening (68 points) placed second and third.

Little Billabong’s Margaret Norris produced the champion cookery exhibit, a sultana cake, while Clare Oliver, of Gerogery, was highly commended for her biscuits.

Albury Evening was the most successful branch, winning the Sheila Doubleday Trophy for Cooking.

Mrs Kipper, who is also the Murray group craft officer, said the whole event went well.

“It was a wonderful day, despite the rain,” she said.

“But we’re farming people, the rain was good.”​